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Deliver cost effective and educationally relevant physical therapy services by collaborating with school districts and parents to meet every child’s needs.

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What People are Saying About Fun Fit Therapy

I am writing in reference to Ms. Dara Hochstadter. Ms. Hochstadter’s vast level of experience and knowledge, she demonstrates a very skilled and competent approach to the provision of physical therapy services to her students. Ms. Hochstadter also demonstrates a host of personal/professional characteristics crucial to her position such as reliability, flexibility, perseverance, professionalism, and an excellent ability to problem solve, plan and execute an effective therapeutic program. She consistently demonstrates genuine compassion for her students and their parents and works very well with her colleagues. She possesses excellent written and verbal communication skills. She is a team player who works hard to ensure all students’ IEP requirements are successfully addressed within her therapy room as well as in her students’ classrooms.

On a personal level, I find Ms. Hochstadter to be a particularly detail-oriented individual, which serves her well in the completion of her various duties. She demonstrates a very warm personality. She is a very dedicated, intelligent, patient, and caring physical therapist, who I highly recommend, without any reservation. I am confident she will be as strong an asset to your organization as she was for ours. If you have any questions or need any further information relative to Ms. Hochstadter, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Director of Special Education

If you need a great physical therapist, may I recommend Dara Hochstadter. My husband and I were so impressed with Dara’s knowledge, care and concern for our family. She goes above and beyond with her willingness to spend as much time to answer all our questions. The time she spends with our daughter to make her therapy “fun” is amazing. Dara is helpful, kind and understanding. Our daughter has made remarkable progress with her gentle approach. We thank God she came into our lives.



The hard work and dedication that Dara shows her patients has clearly resulted in a level of competence that far exceeds common standards. Her professional approach and team player mentality transcends that of a typical education provider. Parents and school officials should be at ease knowing that Dara will keep a watchful eye on the improvement of all of the children she works with.



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